Posted by: jhamon | June 3, 2009

Game Theory In Action: WSJ for Free

Evan’s been starting to get renewal notices for his Wall Street Journal subscription.  We’ve all be through the drill: the increasingly shrill offers, the paper that keeps coming for a while, “we miss you” and finally, an offer we can’t refuse.  We were joking about how he’ll wait until he’s really, really unsubscribed to take a new subscription in his wife’s name for a huge savings.

Of course, in my view, free is best.  So here goes:

Go to  Browse for a story that you like, but which has a key icon next to it (subscriber-only content).  Click through to the teaser of the story (see below).  Click thumbnail for larger image.

Google story with teaser...
Google story with teaser…

Copy the headline, open a new Google search browser tab, paste in the title and let Google find the story

Google finds the story

Google finds the story...







Click through to read…


Full GOOG story

Full GOOG story









No I didn’t think of this.  I stole it from Silicon Alley Insider (thanks!), but it’s a great trick.

It’s also an example of game theory in action.  If you put up a fence, but there is a legitimate, open gate, don’t be surprised that people walk through.



  1. […] forget my trick: copy the headline from WSJ page, paste into Google and follow the link to read the whole thing […]

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