Posted by: jhamon | June 18, 2009

Twitter: I’m Starting to Believe

Mark's Twitter Friends
The Wonderful World of Twitter

“The pioneers get all the arrows, and the settlers get all the land.”

By disposition, I am not a bleeding edge technology guy, although I hang out with several technoStuds.  Maybe it’s too many years and too many scars, but I prefer to wait until things shake out just a little before I jump in.  Back in the day as an Apple developer, I had an Apple Newton, but I waited about 15 more years and many more technology cycles (missed Palms and all that) before acquiring my first Blackberry, and I love my Bold.  I know my friend Johnny Shin thinks I am blowing it without an iPhone but I really like the keyboard thing – I’m old school.

In fact I haven’t been so excited about a technology since I got my first Macintosh.  (UNIX guy to me circa 1984: “What’s the difference between an Etch A Sketch and a Mac?  You don’t have to shake a Mac to clear the screen!”  All the command line commandos guffawed over that.)

So it’s only recently, very recently that I finally started to use Twitter… in fact some of you reading this probably found me that way.  (I’m here:

I have to confess that when I heard about Twitter I immediately formed a mental picture of a huge party in which everybody is yelling at the top of their lungs and nobody is listening.  But interestingly, I have found Twitter to be a completely flat and open forum in which self-organizing communities can arise.  That’s a really pointy-headed way of saying that you can actually find people and they can actually find you. 

Case in point, I am looking for a CRM package.  So today, I tweeted a request for suggestions.   Within a few hours I had a half a dozen or so real responses from thoughtful people.  Now that’s cool. 

Twitter.  I’m starting to believe.


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  1. Did you hear about Hirise from 37 Signals?

    • No. Got a link?

  2. […] Many years ago, in another life, I started a Macintosh software company.  In fact I was an early KoolAid drinker: I purchased my first Mac 128K (that’s “K” as in Kilobytes) for $2,495 in 1984.  […]

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