Posted by: jhamon | June 27, 2009

A Simple Prayer of Faith: Lord Make It Plain

At a dear friend’s memorial service last night, the following poem was read.  It is found, uattributed, in books dating back to at least the 1880s.  In loving memory of Linda Lee Wood, I offer this simple prayer of faith:

Being perplexed, I say,
“Lord, make it right!
Night is as day to Thee,
Darkness as light.
I am afraid to touch
Things that involve so much;
My trembling hand may shake,
My skill-less hand may break;
Thine can make no mistake.”

Being in doubt I say,
“Lord, make it plain;
Which is the true, safe way?
Which would be gain?
I am not wise to know,
Not sure of foot to go;
What is so clear to Thee,
Lord, make it clear to me!”


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