Posted by: jhamon | July 2, 2009

July Is Here: Buckle Up!

From MysteryHedgie, this just in:

Connecting the dots between the poor US jobs report, the Swedes’ unexpectedly lowering rates, the soft Japanese Tankan report, and the Swiss’ thus far mixed attempts at weakening the Swiss Franc and the case for market players reaching the “a-ha” moment where the “green shoots” are withering has arrived.  The long  holiday weekend in the US will give many a chance to reconsider risk in what has been a solid investment year for most;  the low end of the month long trading ranges in stocks and commodities is vulnerable early next week;  how the SPX acts near its range bottom (see attached chart) defines either a reflationary “dip” or something worse.  The VIX (fear gauge)  hitting a new low yesterday means few are truly hedged, protection is reasonable.  July is here, buckle up!!

Buckle Up!

Buckle Up!

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