Posted by: jhamon | August 4, 2009

Think of Business, And Take Away Reason And Accountability: You Have Government

Words fail.  The SJ Mercury reports:

Melvin's Alter Ego

Melvin's Alter Ego

State keeps hiring despite recession

California’s state government has managed to add thousands of jobs during the past year, defying a mammoth budget deficit and a brutal recession.

The job growth for state workers contrasts with the loss of 759,000 jobs in California’s private industry in the past 12 months.

“I don’t know how this can happen,” said David Kline, a spokesman for the California Taxpayers Association. “A lot of people are having trouble keeping their jobs, paying their bills and feeding their families. Most taxpayers would be incredulous if they see these numbers.”

During the 12 months that ended in June, state government added 3,600 jobs in California, according to numbers compiled by the California Employment Development Department. That’s a 0.7 percent gain, even as private industry posted a 6 percent decrease in its total job base.

To answer Kline’s rhetorical question, “how can this happen?”  twist Jack Nicholson’s character Melvin’s line in As Good As It Gets just a teeny bit, so –

Think of business, and take away reason and accountability: you have government.

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  1. An excellent quote John. I suppose if you invert the situation and had a business that had to elect it’s board every 4 years then you would see businesses run in the same way as government.

    It’s difficult to feel bad at what the state government is doing. Part of the governments role at all levels has to be an overall PR exercise of stimulating positive outlook in the general populace hopefully stimulating economic growth… and we’ll worry about paying for it later 🙂

    Businesses have the luxury of not having that responsibility, though of course they would be minded to learn some positive methods of impacting the larger picture as they rely on the positive attitudes of their customers.

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