Posted by: jhamon | October 9, 2009

Job Opportunity: Investor Relations

I am posting this for a friend as an experiment to see who we can find via social networking. 

If you qualify, send your resume to the email address below.  Don’t bother me or you will make yourself persona non grata.  I mean it.


The Company

The company provides investor and shareholder relations for China-based, US-listed companies. As a premier corporate communications firm, the company maintains offices in New York, Florida, California, and Shanghai, China.  The company has positioned itself as an industry leader and has built a reputation for delivering tangible, measured results through a team of dedicated, experienced and performance-minded professionals. Over the next several years, the firm plans to accelerate its growth while continuing to offer innovative services to its client base.

The Opportunity

A motivated, high-performance leader who will assist with client management responsibilities while focusing the majority of their efforts on effective outreach to fund managers, sell-side analysts, brokers, high-net worth investors, family offices, and various financial publications. The role includes arranging non-deal road shows for clients, which consists of frequent travel throughout the United States and Canada for both meetings and investor conferences. Acting as a liaison, this role demands a strong communicator who will be a value-add during all client interaction, including the associated follow-up and due diligence requests.

The Candidate

The candidate will have at least five years experience in the financial industry, serving as either a licensed retail or institutional broker or sell-side analyst. This person should understand all aspects of a business plan, in addition to a Company’s financial model and statements, and be able to communicate this data clearly and concisely to professional investors. This position requires a relationship-oriented individual who holds themselves accountable for execution and meeting strict timelines, while maintaining the highest level of integrity. Dedication to improving the client’s image and communication capabilities is a must. International experience and exposure to China not required, but favored. Conversational or fluent in Mandarin a plus, but not required.

Starting Salary: $110,000/yr plus equity participation and bonus opportunity

Location: New York City.


Send resume via email to



  1. Jeepers I saw a presentation last week by a Chinese company that actually seems to have its act together but there was such a disconnect between the company (all Chinese) and the IR guys that the presentation got totally hijacked by a not too hostile crowd. The number of Chinese or Americans who can bridge the gap is pretty small.

  2. So, Drew – I am going to mark you down for a “no bid.” Yes?


    • Not exactly. Last week a Chinese lawyer asked me to help him create just such a “bridge” company. Not PR or IR. Not a law firm. Not sellside research. Or at least not just one of those things but rather a new kind of cross-cultural cross-disciplinary hybrid to be defined later. If your friend is interested in what we want to do, we’d be glad to talk.

      Here’s a nice chart

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