Posted by: jhamon | December 28, 2009

MysteryHedgie: 2009 Was “The Calm After The Storm.” What Of 2010?

The calm after the storm… Much as Sunday’s warm sunny day in New York (kids in T-shirts in December!) followed the 36 hour rainstorm which washed away the Christmas snowcover, so too have stocks and commodities (see below) enjoyed the calm weather of the last 9 months following 2007 and 2008’s raging storms. 

The calm is largely due to the stimulus of the Fed and the Federal government;  the new normal is an historically steep US yield curve and high US joblessness, 10%, while the world tries to pick up the Western consumer’s slack.  The dynamic is unlike any experienced in the past 50 years, so 2010 is likely to be a year of calm and storm, rewarding  flexibility, opportunism, and creative risk management…

With conviction, we can say that 2010 will not be dull!             

2009 - The Calm After The Storm

2009 - The Calm After The Storm.


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