Posted by: jhamon | February 21, 2010

The New Yorker’s Elitism Problem

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Looks Downs Its Nose

Via FaceBook, my old friend Rob sent along an opinion piece entitled “The Populism Problem” from the New Yorker’s Financial Page. 

In it, writer James Surowiecki wrestles with what to him are are the many contradictions of the current political environment.  

The befuddlement of this writer typifies the intelligentsia, which of the entire Tea Party Movement seems to say: “We don’t understand what’s going on here. Americans must be silly, spoiled (angry, middle class, white) children who want it both ways.” 

He writes: 


Poor fellow!  What a conundrum!  The writer says people want jobs, want government to help create jobs, want government to tighten its belt and are dubious of the effectiveness of economic stimulus. How, Surowiecki wonders, can these contradictions be resolved?

He proceeds to take a swipe: “voters are under no obligation to be consistent”, as though that is the conclusion of the matter. We’re just silly children.

How can Surowiecki be so blind to the obvious unifying theme? Smaller, less intrusive government and lower taxation will allow capital formation and wealth and jobs creation without wasteful economic stimulus. 

Apparently these are arcane and possibly seditious ideas to the Big Brains in the Ivory Cubicles. 

But people on Main Street get it. Get out of our faces and out of our wallets, Washington! 

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