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  1. Thanks for following me on Twitter. I’ll follow back. Did you see the July 18th – 24th issue of the Economist? It had several great articles on how the field of economics is undergoing a major shift, due to the recent crisis. Of particular interest for your work would be the one on Financial Economics.

    I blog at:….and MfgCrunch on domestic issues.

    Jane Ginn

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for following us on Twitter. Jut curious — do you have plans of ever moving your blog to a self-hosted WordPress platform? We’d love to have you on the Wikinvest Wire (, but unfortunately, blogs don’t play well with plugins.

    Hope to see you make the switch and join the Wire soon!


  3. Yes, Patrick… there is a very high probability that we will move to a self hosted platform very soon!

  4. John,
    Thanks for following me and congrats on raising your fund. Do you (or are you planning on using) equity options? If so, my firm offers a unique tool ( that you may find useful. Happy to tell you more about if you have any interest.
    All the best,

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