Posted by: jhamon | April 12, 2010

Yahoo Finance: “It Depends On What The Meaning of ‘Is’ Is”

From Yahoo Finance:

The lack of interest among investors comes amid the primary question of whether stocks can continue their upward trend into earnings season, especially if results prove upbeat and profit takers decide to step in.

So if results prove downbeat, will profit takers not step in?  What if results are upbeat AND profit takers do not step in?  Or results are downbeat AND profit takers do step in?

Expiring minds want to know: what in the world is that analysis supposed to mean?  Something?  Anything?

This analysis fits in the category of “On the one hand; on the other hand; and if I had another hand…”



  1. It is actually a cogent sentence and thought, though one that requires a certain knowledge of the market to understand.

    Investors are being slow to invest because they are concerned about whether the rise in stock prices will continue on their own and whether enough people who were out for short-term gain would sell their shares and drive the price / market back down again.

    • OK. Assuming you are right in your interpretation, is there any time when investors don’t carry that concern?

  2. Investors rarely carry that concern to the extent that they do right now. There’s a lot instability in the market right now. There’s also a lot of people / mutual funds who need that “profit taking” in order to survive right now, which increases the likelihood of it happening.

  3. How do you define “instability”? How does one quantify it?

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